The University of Southampton

Syllabus issue fixed

eFolio modules include code that automatically pulled details of the syllabus and displayed it on the Syllabus tab. The problem was that the code linked to Syllabus Editor, which has been replaced by Curriculum Manager, and that meant that users would be viewing out-of-date details that did not apply to this year’s modules.

Speedy work by the Enterprise Content Management Team in iSolutions has resolved this issue, and all modules now show a link that will take users directly to the latest syllabus details.

New registers functionality / consultation

The module registers application has recently seen a huge take up use by academic staff this semester and we’ve already taken on board a number of great suggestions. You might have noticed the new ‘Print register students’ option allowing you to create a customized tutorial group register and print the students mugshots just in that register.

We’ll also be adding an overall attendance print out sheet allowing you have a single sheet for *every* session if you prefer working in that way.

Finally, the big change we’re proposing is that a student isn’t marked as ‘Present’ unless a register has actually been submitted. What this means is that:

– student reports will more accurately represent attendance i.e. not assuming they are there is the register hasn’t been submitted
– admin staff will be able to easily check which registers haven’t been marked and which academics are not engaging with the system

Basically, students will automatically come up as ‘Present’ by default in the mark register page, but this information won’t be represented on the report page unless the register is submitted.

Let us know if you think this is a good / bad idea, and if you’ve got any other suggestions for improvements.

Alex and the eFolio team

Notice to Tutors / Staff

Please note that any Semester 2 marks which are visible in eFolio may not have been ratified and should therefore not be discussed with students.


Database backup from Sunday 24th

Due to a significant technician problem we are going to have to restore the wordpress database back to state it was on Sunday evening.

If you have added any content to your blog since then please ensure you have a local copub of this by simply copying the text and saving in a local application like word.

We apologise for any inconvenience and please do get in touch if you have any queries.

We will be able to restore any recent posts made in the last 24 hours after the backup hasoftware taken place.

This backup should take place this afternoon and so access to wordpress blogs may be intermittent during this process.

Alex and the efolio team



Having problems with the wordpress admin menu?

A recent bug in chrome (I couldn’t believe it either) has resulted in some versions of the browser not rendering the black wordpress admin menu correctly.

If you’re seeing strange things happening to the text and/or missing links, you can get a fix by doing the following:

1. Copy the following into your chrome browser bar and hit enter:

2. Click on the ‘Enable’ link underneath the very first option

3. Click the button to restart chrome

If you need further help please call me directly on 07779 606934




New plugins update

Dear eFolio wordpress users,

We’ve recently updated some of our plugins, including the “Ultimate Tiny MCE” that was used on approx 30 sites. This recent update added some unwanted messages / functionality and so we have deactivated that plugin and instead installed the ‘Tiny MCE Advanced’ plugin which does the same job but better.

Thereforem if you previously had the Ultimate Teiny MCE plugin please activate the new one (Tiny MCE Advanced) to restore that functionality.

Many thanks,

Alex and the eFolio team

Medical Students – Blog update

We believe the issue affecting the medical student blogs has now been resolved.

Please let us know if are a medical student who still cannot access their blog.

Many thanks,

Alex and the eFolio team

Medical Students – how to fix your journal

If you are a medical student you may have noticed that your private journal is currently broken. Please note that none of your journal entries have been lost!

In the meantime, if you wish to fix your journal before we figure out a bulk ‘fix the problem’ please follow the instructions below

1. Login to eFolio as normal

2. In the address bar of your browser copy and paste the following:

Replace the your-username bit with your username e.g. if your username is abcd1234, the address should read:

3. Look for the third big box which says ‘Medicine’ (check it has a capital M) – move your mouse over the box and click on ‘Activate’

This should restore your journal and all reflective entries.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Alex and the eFolio team