The University of Southampton

New eFolio feature for external examiners and admins

We’ve just added a new feature to eFolio called the ‘External Examiners Interface’ which allows admin staff to upload examination material to be reviewed by external examiners.

You can provide external examiners with a username and password (via a serviceline request) which grants them access to download / comment and approve (or not!) your examination material.

It has been successfully used by Psychology for 4 years and we’re now releasing the tool to the rest of the University.

Find the new ‘EEI’ tab in your department admin page.

New features coming over the next few months include:

  • The ability to customise the email sent out to students / staff when students miss a session
  • The ability to create a custom register from a subset of your module students e.g. for different tutor groups
  • A direct interface with the syllabus system so you can edit your module information directly in eFolio, rather than going to
  • A new wordpress plugin for creating an ‘Activity Box’ if you’re using eFolio to present module content
  • A new wordpress plugin that will allow students to present their CV or profile information easily on a wordpress page. That should complete eFolio as a proper ePortfolio tool 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions – keep them coming.

Alex and the eFolio team.