The University of Southampton

New features coming Semester 1 2014

There will be a number of exciting new eFolio features available to staff and students from October 2014. There include:

  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Mozilla Open Badges Integration
  • A “Graduation Pack” for graduating students

LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn logo

Students (and staff) will soon be able to tie their LinkedIn account to their eFolio account and display their LinkedIn profile on their ePortfolio or personal blog.

Students will also have the option to request feedback on their LinkedIn profile from their personal tutors.

Because of this new feature we will be retiring the ‘My Resume’ feature from eFolio.

 Mozilla Open Badges Integration


You will soon be able to tie eFolio skills and competencies achievements to an open badge.

Students can then display this badge in their backpack, or as part of their ePortfolio of graduation report pack (see below).

For more information on Open Badges please visit

Graduation Pack


We have streamlined the alumni process and incorporated a ‘Graduation Pack’. This allows students to create a personalised PDF of their time at Southampton, including a list of all modules they took, grades achieved, assignments, their LinkedIn profile and lots more.

For more information on any of the new features mentioned above please contact Alex Furr