The University of Southampton

New registers functionality / consultation

The module registers application has recently seen a huge take up use by academic staff this semester and we’ve already taken on board a number of great suggestions. You might have noticed the new ‘Print register students’ option allowing you to create a customized tutorial group register and print the students mugshots just in that register.

We’ll also be adding an overall attendance print out sheet allowing you have a single sheet for *every* session if you prefer working in that way.

Finally, the big change we’re proposing is that a student isn’t marked as ‘Present’ unless a register has actually been submitted. What this means is that:

– student reports will more accurately represent attendance i.e. not assuming they are there is the register hasn’t been submitted
– admin staff will be able to easily check which registers haven’t been marked and which academics are not engaging with the system

Basically, students will automatically come up as ‘Present’ by default in the mark register page, but this information won’t be represented on the report page unless the register is submitted.

Let us know if you think this is a good / bad idea, and if you’ve got any other suggestions for improvements.

Alex and the eFolio team