Organisation and Structure

Accountability of the Programme

The Programme is administratively placed within the Department of Psychology at the University of Southampton.  Accountability to the Department of Psychology  is via the Head of the Department and the Department of Psychology Programme Board  committee.
The Department of Psychology Programme Board is responsible for the recommendation of appointment of an external examiner to the Programme and receives, reviews and advises on the reports of the external examiner.
The Department of Psychology Programme Board develops, monitors and reviews all educational programmes in the Department to ensure that they operate within the regulations and policies set out by the Department, Faculty and University.

Department of Psychology Programme Board

The Department of Psychology Programme Board meets twice per term.  Members include Director of Programmes (Chair), Programme Directors/Leads for each programme, the Admissions Tutor in the Academic Unit, the Faculty Education Manager  and up to three student representatives (eg UG, PGT, PGR) (for unrestricted business) . Other members of the Faculty and Professional Services attend as appropriate.

Programme Examination Board

The Programme Examination Board (PEB) meets at the end of the academic year and is the formal mechanism by which it is ensured that all students have successfully completed all the course requirements.  The PEB also addresses any issues arising from external examiner comments on the course and where the programme response to these is made. It is normally expected that in addition to the Head of the Department and the external examiners, academic staff involved in the marking of assignments that contribute to the modules under consideration by an Examination Board shall be members of that Examination Board. Any special considerations are addressed before the Examinations board by special considerations committee and any recommendations will be noted at the Exam Board. Information about special considerations procedure can be found in the University of Southampton Quality handbook.
The Awards Committee confers the final award based on the recommendation of the Programme Examination Board, via the Programme Director, to candidates who have satisfactorily completed the course and have satisfied all the assessment requirements.

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