Educational Experience

The Psychology Department is committed to the use of assessment methods that properly assess the intended learning outcomes of each of the modules across the programme. It further aims to ensure that its assessment methods map on appropriately to the key skills that it would like students to acquire.

The general principles that guide specific policies and practices specify that assessment should:

  • represent an integral part of the curriculum design and development
  • provide an opportunity to assess student learning throughout all elements of their programme
  • be made explicit in each module and map onto expected learning outcomes
  • measure not only what has been taught, but also what has been learned
  • be incremental and sufficiently demanding across the programme
  • be reliable (i.e., yield consistent results) and valid (i.e., reflect intellectual attainment)
  • afford all students an equal opportunity to perform well
  • be monitored to capture innovative change
  • be associated with timely feedback
  • change and develop appropriately to reflect student comments.

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