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Christoph Witzel (lecturer)
Dr. Christoph Witzel vom Institut für Allgemeine Psychologie untersucht die Farbwahrnehmung; hier im Farblabor des Instituts. Foto: JLU / Rolf K. Wegst

Photo: JLU / Rolf K. Wegst

A fish is the worst placed creature to discover the existence of water.

Is our perception and understanding of the world determined through genetically fixed and preprogramed mechanisms? Or, are they shaped through learning and experience with the physical and social environment? The answers to these questions are an integral part of our concept of human life. They will define our potential to adapt and hence which roles we can potentially play in the physical and social systems we live in. Those fundamental questions have been the centrepiece of my academic path, first when studying the role of unconscious learning in the perception of structure (MA psychology), then when investigating the concept of human nature in political theories (MA politics), when delving into the role of language and experience in colour perception (PhD), and when studying sensory augmentation and substitution (postdoc in Paris). I have been intensely investigating this theme with the prime example of colour, and I am now also looking for opportunities to reach out to the worlds created by the other senses.   ♦   institutional homepage

Hamed Karimipour (PhD student)


I am a PhD student supervised by Dr. Christoph Witzel at the university of Southampton evaluating the performance of a kind of transformation mapping illuminant LMS signals to reflected LMS signals.   ♦   homepage