Schedule 2022


23. June – IPA-Finale
VSS Digest + IPA “awarding ceremony” = Summer break


27.  Jan – Hamed:
Rathore et al (2020). Estimating Color-Concept Associations from Image Statistics. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 26(1), 1226-1235.

1.  Feb (Tuesday), 19-20h: EXTERNAL
Optica Webinar by Domicele Jonauskaite:
“Understanding Cross-Cultural Associations Between Colors and Emotions”. Watch recording here.

2.  Feb (Wednesday), 14-15h: EXTERNAL
Newton Medal (UK Colour Group) Prize Lecture by Anya Hurlbert
“From Light and Matter to the Concept of Colour”; please register here:

11.  Feb (Friday), 16-17:30h: EXTERNAL
Optica Webinar with John Maule:
Measuring variation in exposure to natural and artificial light across seasons and latitudes”; watch recording here.

17.  Feb – Ria:
Braun, D. I., & Doerschner, K. (2019). Kandinsky or Me? How Free Is the Eye of the Beholder in Abstract Art? i-Perception, 10(5), 2041669519867973.

23.  Feb (Wed), 17h: EXTERNAL
Leverhulme Doctoral Programme Seminar with Mike Webster:
“Visual adaptation and phenomenology of perception”, Zoom Link.

24.  Feb – Suncica:
Chaabouni, R., Kharitonov, E., Dupoux, E., & Baroni, M. (2021). Communicating artificial neural networks develop efficient color-naming systems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(12), e2016569118.

3.  March – Jasna:
Kim, J. S., Aheimer, B., Montané Manrara, V., & Bedny, M. (2021). Shared understanding of color among sighted and blind adults. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(33), e2020192118.

17.  March – Ian:
Li, M., Ju, N., Jiang, R., Liu, F., Jiang, H., Macknik, S., Martinez-Conde, S., & Tang, S. (2022). Perceptual hue, lightness, and chroma are represented in a multidimensional functional anatomical map in macaque V1. Progress in Neurobiology, 102251.

20.  March (Sunday), 9:00-10:45h (UK time): EXTERNAL
Online Talk on “Colour and Emotion Associations” by Domicele Jonauskaite at the International Colour Day 2022. Register for free here.

31.  March – Alyona:
Forbes, S. H., & Plunkett, K. (2020). Linguistic and Cultural Variation in Early Color Word Learning. Child Development, 91(1), 28-42.

14.  April – Laysa:
Nascimento, S. M. C., Pastilha, R. C., & Brenner, E. (2019). Neighboring chromaticity influences how white a surface looks. Vision Research, 165, 31-35.

28.  April – Ria:
Müller, T. F., Winters, J., & Morin, O. (2019). The Influence of Shared Visual Context on the Successful Emergence of Conventions in a Referential Communication Task. Cognitive Science, 43(9), e12783.

19.  May – Zane:
Werner, J. S., Marsh-Armstrong, B., & Knoblauch, K. (2020). Adaptive Changes in Color Vision from Long-Term Filter Usage in Anomalous but Not Normal Trichromacy. Current Biology, 30(15), 3011-3015.

26.  May – Ana:
Hermann, K. L., Singh, S. R., Rosenthal, I. A., Pantazis, D., & Conway, B. R. (2022). Temporal dynamics of the neural representation of hue and luminance polarity. Nature Communications, 13(1), 661.

9. June – Christoph:
Troscianko, J., & Osorio, D. (2022). A model of colour appearance based on efficient coding of natural images. bioRxiv, 2022.2002.2022.481414.

*** 16. June – SPECIAL SESSION: Doctor Booster – Zane  ***