SOTSEF2020: What is colour?

Everybody knows colour, don’t you? If you think you do, why not prove yourself in our quiz “What is colour?” – check what score you reach! I would be impressed if you got everything right. Hum? You have done the quiz already? Well, then – BUT ONLY THEN – you deserve an explanation of the answers. Excuse me? Colour is just simple physics? Don’t say that without considering my vivid video on why colour is in the eye (and brain) of the beholder rather than in the physics of the environment. Since we are talking about colours, why not solicit famous painters like Van Gogh for advice? If they don’t know their colours, who would? Actually, you might be able to teach Van Gogh a lesson after watching this little interactive video: Did the great impressionist painters know what they were doing? Check it out! The first quiz was not challenging enough? You need real action? Please, come and do the Live Quiz: Colour, endless universe of wisdom, with, yes, still more questions about colour. Any questions left? Drop me a line in the Colour Forum, and I will try my best to answer. Done? This is the way back to SOTSEF.


what-is-colour_light 1. Quiz: What is colour? What do you think? Go here to do the quiz. At the end of the quiz you will find a score, the correct answers, and a password. The password will allow you to compare your performance to those of others and to access a video with detailed explanations. If you did the quiz already, you can enter here using the password. If not, see additional information here.


2. Eyes-on Video: Colour in the eye (and brain) of the beholder. Fun and insights with visual illusions. Where? here. Would you like a digital souvenir? You can use our perceptual power to colourise and download our Shackleton here.


3. Interactive Video: Did the great painters know what they were doing? Impressionist painters like Van Gogh and Monet claimed that they combined complementary colours to make them look more vivid. But are those colours really complementary? Check it out!


 4. Live Quiz: Colour, endless universe of wisdom. How does it work? When is the next session? Check this.
forum_image 5. Colour Forum: Any questions left? Drop them here!