DCP: 1.2 Annual Review

On entering training, trainees are allocated a Personal/Clinical Tutor from the Programme Team. It is intended that trainees should have the same Personal/Clinical Tutor throughout training so that they can develop an understanding of the trainees’ learning needs and provide a source of continuity and support. Trainees are encouraged to use their Personal/Clinical Tutor as the first port of call for any issues which arise during training.  It is also recognised that trainees will sometimes feel more comfortable approaching another member of staff. The Personal/Clinical Tutor is responsible for monitoring the trainee’s clinical development, pastoral support and notifying the Clinical Director and/or Programme Director of any significant issues which should be taken into account when planning their training.

Annual Review

Personal/Clinical Tutors also undertake an initial meeting with trainees in the first month of training to set goals for the year using the Initial Review Form.

Trainees have an annual review at the start of each subsequent academic year using the Annual Review Form. This is not a formal appraisal but the opportunity to monitor progress and set goals as well as identifying areas of concern. This also feeds into placement planning.

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