DEP: 6.12 Academic Conventions

Formatting your coursework

Please use the following guidelines when submitting coursework.

  • Title page: all work should only include a title page with a student number, the intake year, the programme title, title of the work, the relevant module title, followed by the type of work (eg. Essay, Report of Casework) the date and the word count and confirmation that you are happy for this work to be shared with fellow trainees.
    • I agree that this assignment can be made available (anonymised) to students (☐)
  • APA format: you should follow the conventions of American Psychological Association style, or APA style. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2009). Washington DC; London: American Psychological Association. Sixth Edition
  • Figures and tables: these should be placed in the text of the reports (rather than at the end of the work).
  • Appendices: these need to only include additional information that has direct relevance to the piece of work. Please ensure that work can be read without constant reference to the appendices.