DEP: 6.18 Academic Integrity

Scientific fraud is a threat to the academic integrity of any discipline. It is the responsibility of all researchers to behave to the highest ethical standards, to engage in good scientific practice and to refrain from deliberate misconduct. The two ways that researchers may deliberately or accidentally engage in behaviour that might be considered fraudulent is to plagiarise or deliberately misrepresent their data. The university regulations explicitly state that this behaviour is unacceptable. This is conduct which could bring the university into disrepute; therefore this behaviour will not be tolerated and will invoke the application of the University’s disciplinary procedures. You should be aware that these procedures apply to draft versions of your work as well as to the final version that is submitted for examination. Finally, students who have been caught cheating usually feel that their reputation with their tutors and fellow students has been damaged and find it hard to put the incident behind them, so please don’t do it!

Further details can be found in the postgraduate handbook:

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