DEP: 6.1 Assessment Outcome

Assessments are used across the programme that reflect the learning outcomes and the development of key skills within each module. All academic and research assessment in Years 1 and 2 are given one of four categories (See Appendix 4 for the criteria):

  • Fail
  • Low Pass
  • Pass
  • Distinction

The course expects all assignments to reach a good standard of spelling, punctuation, grammar (SPAG) and APA guidelines, and failure to reach this standard as indicated on the feedback sheet for the essays and the academic critiques will result in the overall assignment achieving a lower grade. For example an assessment marked as a PASS but failing the criteria set for APA and/or SPAG would be awarded a LOW PASS. A second submission of the same type of work (eg. the EBD essay in Year 1 or the EBD academic critique in Year 2) where this criterion is again not met will result in a fail being awarded for that piece of work.

The categories used in the assessment of the practical work file are (see Appendix 4.5 for the feedback forms):

  • Fail: where the work fails to meet the criteria for a significant number of the criteria
  • Conditional Pass: This category is used where the report or file is basically sound but where further work of a relatively minor nature is needed before it can be considered a pass. This would include, but is not limited to, cases where there is an unacceptable degree of syntax, spelling, referencing inaccuracies or breaches in confidentiality. It may also include cases where minor amendments to section(s) of the work file would result in the work file being considered a pass.
  • Pass: where the work meets all of the criteria detailed on the marking sheet.

In the event of a trainee failing any assessed piece of work, the trainee will receive clear guidance in order to clarify what areas need addressing in the second submission. The trainee may wish to meet their personal tutor/and or the marker to discuss their response. Resubmission is normally within six weeks starting from the date the trainee receives the feedback. Trainees will need to indicate how they have responded to marker feedback using the resubmission form (see Appendix 4.11). Trainees can only re-submit a piece of work once, and resubmitted work is capped at a low pass.

Resubmitted work should be uploaded via eAssignment and the Programme Administrator will notify trainees of the resubmission date via email. Following resubmission, the marker will confirm whether or not the resubmission has met the resubmission criteria (see Appendix 4.12 for the standard form). The timescale for receiving this feedback is within 4 weeks.