DEP: 6.16 Attendance

Absence from Compulsory Sessions

All Local Educational Authority placements and university taught sessions are compulsory. Trainees will be required to sign in for university sessions. If a trainee is unable to make a compulsory session then they should use the following guidelines:

  • For university sessions inform both the module coordinator and personal tutor or Programme Director in writing (ie. in the same email) of your request for an absence from a compulsory session. You should preferably do so before the compulsory session (or as soon as possible afterwards)
  • For absence from placement please inform your supervisor  and adhere to  any placement specific requirements.
  • For both complete and submit the relevant form to the Programme Administrator.

This form is available in Appendix 3. Documentation to support the reasons given for absence from a compulsory session should normally be attached with the form, or be pending. The Programme Administrator keeps a record of all university and placement absence. Absence is monitored.

Only a limited number of absences from compulsory sessions can be authorised without the student’s fitness to study undergoing review, and the possibility of voluntary or involuntary degree suspension or termination being considered, following sympathetic consultation with the Programme Director. This would include, for example, no more than three requests for absences from a compulsory session for the same reason, and no more than six for any reason, in the same year.

Attendance across the year will be reviewed in appraisals. The expectation is that any leave  you wish to take should be booked within the school holidays, and only in very exceptional  circumstances will holidays booked in term time be considered.