DEP: 6.4 Feedback

Feedback on coursework can take several forms. For example, it can be verbal (eg. explained aloud by a member of the programme team) or written (eg. written as comments or ratings). In addition, it can be individual (ie. about your own work) or collective (ie. about the work of the group as a whole). Furthermore, it can be specific (eg. pointing out one particular error or misunderstanding) or general (eg. pointing out a tendency towards making unsupported assertions).

Trainees receive feedback for all assessment components. The aim of feedback is to enable trainees to think through and monitor their learning across different modules. It should also enable them to identify their own strengths and weakness, and clearly indicate points for improvement. In order to provide timely and comprehensive feedback, the Academic Unit uses feedback sheets for all written coursework (eg. essays and research reports). The advantage of feedback sheets is that performance in terms of particular assessment criteria can be clearly and quickly indicated. Feedback sheets used on the doctorate programme are designed to reflect the assessment criteria for different forms of assessment.

Feedback, with the exception of the Practical Work file is given to trainees online via eAssignment. The Academic Unit aims to return all coursework with feedback within four weeks of the submission date. All programme tutors will be informed of individual trainee marks for assessed pieces of work via the moderation report; trainees are strongly encouraged to share feedback with tutors in tutorials and to reflect on their learning.