DEP: 6.6 Research Assessment Descriptions

Assessment Criteria for the SSRP

In addition to the assessed pieces of work linked to the Research Methods courses (RESM 6009, 6010, 6011, 6012), trainees in Year 1 complete an Small Scale Research Project (PSYC 8042).

The assessment criteria for the SSRP are:

Classification Criteria


  • the report fully explores the relevant research question(s), and offers substantial evidence of the trainees own insight and analysis
  • the report is presented with a coherent structure, and with a clear rationale
  • the important issues, theories, findings relevant to the research questions are comprehensively and critically evaluated
  • the report draws on and comprehensively integrates material from a variety of sources
  • conclusions are drawn that effectively summarise the issues investigated and the arguments developed; and they are well supported by carefully evaluated empirical evidence
  • there is evidence of independent thought and deduction
  • *the report outlines clearly its novelty and relevance to the creation of new knowledge
  • *the report is of a sufficient standard to potentially merit publication


  • the report explores the relevant research questions and shows evidence of a questioning and analytic approach
  • it is presented with a coherent structure
  • it shows an ability to appreciate an extensive body of knowledge relevant to the research question
  • it presents a comprehensive and balanced discussion
  • *it shows some awareness of how the findings extend knowledge in the field

Low Pass

  • the report contains some substantive information but does not adequately address the relevant research questions
  • it lack a coherent structure
  • *It makes little or no effort to demonstrate the significance of the findings.


  • the report reveals a failure to understand the issues under investigation
  • it contains superficial or subjective statements without supporting evidence
  • material presented reflects little knowledge beyond that which might be obtained by common experience of reading e.g., newspapers
  • *there is no attempt to highlight the importance of the findings

Note: * indicates additional criteria designed to address additional learning outcomes associated with doctoral level work.

The SSRP will also be assessed in terms of basic written expression, including spelling, grammar and punctuation; cohesion, adherence to APA writing guidelines; and accurate and complete presentation of references. The feedback sheet is shown in Appendix 4.6