DEP: 6.2 Rules of Progression and Programme Failure

In order to progress formally from one year to the next, trainees are expected to have received a pass mark in every module. A progression board meeting of programme staff is held in October to formally record that work from the previous academic year has been completed. This is reported in the autumn Programme Board.

A candidate will have been deemed to have failed the programme on any part of the examination without the right of re-entry, on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Failure to complete all elements of summative assessment to a satisfactory standard within five years of first registration, or by such a date as will have been agreed by the Board of Examiners.
  • Where a piece of work has been failed on resubmission.
  • Candidates must pass at least 50% of the credits in each year at the first attempt.
  • In exceptional circumstances, such as gross misconduct or a serious breach of the Code of Conduct of the British Psychological Society, or if the placement is terminated or suspended after disciplinary action, the Board of Examiners reserves the right to fail a candidate without permitting re-entry.

Failure of a practical placement will lead to failure of the programme, unless there has been successful corrective action of the failure as agreed by the Board of Examiners.