DEP: Year 1 – 3.3 Applied Research Methods

The RESM modules are taken with other PGR trainees within Psychology and cover applied research methods. These modules expose trainees to a wide variety of research methodologies (eg. qualitative, correlational and experimental designs) and are designed to give trainees hands-on experience with diverse data analytic techniques, including the use of statistical software. Each session will consist of a lecture and some active group work (eg. carrying out a short interview or focus group session, hands-on computer-based exercises in data analysis). These sessions are designed to provide trainees with a conceptual understanding of research methods, as well as practical experience. Within each module trainees are asked to complete computer-based learning exercises (eg. statistics revision exercises).

Learning outcomes are assessed through four assignments, enabling trainees to gain experience in the use of a range of methodologies and related analyses.

The module information forthe RESM modules can be accessed online by following the links below:

RESM6012 – ARM: planning and designing research

RESM 6009 – ARM: qualitative methods

RESM6011 – ARM: correlational methods

RESM6010 – ARM: group differences