DEP: Curriculum Overview in Year 2

During this year there will be an increasing requirement for trainees to reflect critically both on their practice, and how it has been informed by the research literature. In particular the casework model derived from a consultation/problem-solving stance permits a form of causal modelling and formulation consistent with high quality casework. The assessment criteria here includes the doctoral level elements of the creation and interpretation of new knowledge, through original research or other advanced scholarship, and the systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantial body of knowledge which is at the forefront of an academic discipline or area of professional practice.

Year 2 includes six modules:

Module Co-ordinator
PSYC8040 Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Colin Woodcock
PSYC8041 Learning Difficulties Colin Woodcock
PSYC8043 Placement Learning 2 Colin Woodcock
PSYC8045 Casework 2 Colin Woodcock
PSYC8039 Dissemination and User Engagement Hanna Kovshoff
PSYC8022 Research Proposal1 Hanna Kovshoff

1 This module spans two years as it includes the thesis completed in Year 3