DEP: Year 2 – 4.1 Academic Modules

The focus of the academic input in PSYC 8040 and PSYC 8041 in Year 2 is on atypical development in children, and the educational settings and provision designed to meet their needs. Topics include, for example, low incidence areas such as language impairment, sensory impairment, physical disability, severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties; emotional, social communication and attention regulation difficulties. The academic content is complemented by exploration of local authority provision for children with complex needs. The learning outcomes for the two core academic modules in Year 2 are assessed with two Academic Critiques. In PSYC 8039 Dissemination and User Engagement, TEPS work with their PSYC 8034 Small Scale Research Project (SSRP) group members and Local Authority supervisors to write a plan and disseminate the research findings generated in their SSRP. There is also a Supervisor Feedback Form (Appendix 4.10).