DEP: Year 2 – 4.5 Ethics Committee Approval

Ethics Committee approval

You will require Psychology Ethics Committee approval and may require approval from the NHS and HRA Directorate for the region in which you plan to conduct your research.

Although you may wish to draft your Ethics application forms, you should not send them to either of these committees until you have received approval, or provisional approval of your proposal from the Research Director, since you may be required to modify your study design, and hence your Ethics application forms.

If NHS ethics is required, we strongly recommend that you allow sufficient time to submit your application first to the Psychology panel, and following approval from Psychology then to the NHS ethics panel (any substantial amendments requested by the NHS panel can then be resubmitted to the Psychology panel). You will also require University research governance approval of your project, including letters of insurance and indemnity for your NHS application.

  • Please send copies of all approval letters that are required before you commence your study (eg. University of Southampton Research Governance, NHS ethics) to your supervisor.

Research Budget

As postgraduate research students, trainees are allocated a sum of money (currently £1,200) to support research related activities. Most trainees use their funding to support work related to their research thesis. It can also be used to attend research conferences where a trainee is presenting work related to their thesis. The research proposal should include a full outline of the thesis costs (eg. questionnaires, travel to and from schools, programming etc.). The research proposal will not be approved without this information. Please note any tests bought from a trainee’s research budget must be returned to the programme once the dissertation is complete. This is monitored by the course to ensure that all trainees can benefit from the tests purchased as part of previous TEPs research. To purchase items, including participant vouchers (which require participant receipt signatures) from your research budget, send your requests and your costs code (provided by the Gradschool team) to Vouchers brought outside this system will not be honoured. You can claim back funds you have spent out of pocket by completing a claim form available on the University finance intranet website. Login via sussed. Note that all expenses need to be approved by the supervisor prior to claiming.

Postgraduate Research Supervisor Agreement

Support for the thesis supervision process is formulated through a postgraduate research supervisor agreement (see Appendix 3). This agreement outlines the aims and objectives of supervision, as well as the responsibilities of trainees and their supervisors. In addition, it goes through what steps will be taken in the event of illness and provides an outline for authorship and publication of joint work.