DEP: Year 3 – 5.4 Research Co-ordination and the Research Thesis

Submission of final thesis

Please note the following checklist:

  1. Your  supervisor needs to see and approve your amendments when you resubmit.
  2. Please also remember to tick the box that says you want to embargo your thesis for 12 months.
  3. Supervisors need to have a copy of all of your data electronically (spss or nvivo file, excel spreadsheets etc.)
  4. Paper copies of data and consent forms need to be put into secure storage – Angela can coordinate this
  5. If your ethics has said you will delete electronic / digital audio files following transcription please ensure this has been done – particularly if you used a transcriber
  6. If you purchased any measures, manuals, books, equipment on your university budget, please can you return these to your supervisor or the Research Director.
  7. When you address the amendments your examiners have requested:
    1. please provide the internal examiner (via with two documents – one that clearly lists how you addressed each comment (this can be done by pasting the comment provided by the examiner and providing your response to each recommendation and signposting to where this is in the thesis – e.g. page and paragraph number)
    2. provide a copy of your amendment thesis where the additional corrections are clearly indicated through highlighting or track changes.

Research Co-ordination and the Research Thesis

Teaching in this module is comprised of individual meetings with trainees and their research supervisor. The supervisor plays an important role in the successful completion of both the systematic review and empirical paper. It is important that trainees meet with supervisors frequently, at least during the early stages of the research process and it is their responsibility to arrange these meetings.