DEP: Year 3 – 5.3 Research Thesis and the Oral Examination

Vivas are scheduled for 9th July 2020.  To have your viva on this day you need to submit an e copy of your thesis by Monday 8th June 2020. Two printed copies should also be handed to Angela Goodall, Programme Administrator on the same day.

If you submit after 8th June 2020, we cannot guarantee that you will have your viva on 9th July 2020, and you may have your viva at a later date. This later date is determined by the availability of examiners, and will be arranged only after you have submitted.

If you do not plan to submit on 8th June 2020 you should make this clear in good time. You do not need to apply for an extension until 28th September 2020. At this point, if in discussion with your supervisor and the Research Director, you felt there were exceptional circumstances which would potentially warrant an additional extension, your request would be considered under special considerations: click here

Part of the assessment of this piece of work involves an oral examination or viva involving an internal and an external examiner. Examiners are asked to comment on the thesis and the candidate’s performance in the viva in relation to whether he or she has demonstrated (“yes”, “partially” “no”):

  • the creation and interpretation of new knowledge through original research or other advanced scholarship, of a quality to satisfy peer review, extend the forefront of the discipline and merit publication
  • a systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantial body of knowledge which is at the forefront of an academic discipline or an area of professional practice
  • the general ability to conceptualise, design and implement a project for the generation of new knowledge, applications or understanding at the forefront of the discipline, and to adjust the project design in the light of unforeseen problems
  • a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic inquiry

Examiners’ recommendations (shown in Appendix 3.4) are based jointly on the thesis and the viva performance. A candidate who fails to submit a corrected or revised thesis by the date set by the examiners shall typically be regarded as having failed the examination and the recommendations of the examiners shall lapse.