DEP: Year 3 – 5.1 Research in Year 3

Year 3 trainees will continue to work towards the completion of their research thesis. In order to achieve this goal two days each week are set aside for trainees to focus on their thesis work (typically Mondays and Fridays). They also attend the University for a minimum of 8 taught sessions, 3 whole cohort days, 2 days at the PG Conference (18th and 19th June 2020) as well as additional assessment (e.g. casework and thesis viva days) and appraisal sessions.

The progress trainees make on their doctoral thesis is monitored through the programme via the completion of two progress reports in Year 3, and one in Year 2.

14th October 2019 (Year 3)

3rd February 2020 (Year 2 and Year 3).

Trainees and their supervisors are both asked to comment on progress (see Appendix 3.3). Please complete the form in Appendix 3.3 and email it to your supervisor for comment, copying me in by 14th October 2019. It is likely that trainees and supervisors will have agreed a date for submission of a first draft of their literature review. Past trainees have found this helpful in terms of meeting the final deadline in June, if this is before Christmas. This is not formally submitted but given to individual supervisors. Please comment and include detail about timelines within your progress report, alongside any slippages of time relative to the Gantt chart submitted with the thesis proposal. Submit new and previous versions of your Gantt chart for comparison.