DEP: Year 3 – 5.2 Thesis Format

Notes to candidates on the production, submission and examination of Theses for postgraduate research degrees can be found here: click here

As of this year, all PGR theses are to be presented in the order outlined below ie. you should just include a single thesis abstract and a single list of references. In a single bound volume, thesis material should be arranged in the following sequence:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Abstract
  • List of contents
  • List of tables, illustrations etc.
  • List of accompanying material, if any
  • Author’s declaration
  • Acknowledgements
  • Definitions, abbreviations used
  • Text, divided into chapters, sections etc.
  • Appendices
  • Glossary
  • List of references
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Two soft bound versions and one electronic version (submitted via eAssignment) of the thesis are to be submitted by the deadline, with the final hard bound and one e-copy submission required post viva, and subject to the approval of any required corrections. In addition please note the following:

  • The word limit for your thesis is 20000 words; approximately 10000 words for the literature review and 10000 words for the empirical project. This word limit does not include tables, figures, quotes (as in qualitative studies) nor Appendices.
  • Citations, quotations and references, should follow the specification outlined in the 6th version of the APA Publication Manual.
  • You can use your research budget to cover the costs of binding (if you have unused funds).
  • The electronic copy of your thesis will be submitted to Turnitin via eAssignment.