DEP: 1.3 Approach to Learning

A problem-centred approach, which derives from the same problem-solving origins as many other psychological approaches to therapeutic intervention and consultation style is very much at the centre of the Southampton programme. The models drawn on are the revised Problem Solving Framework (Monsen & Frederickson 2008), the Gameson & Rhydderch (2008) Constructionist Model of Informed Reasoned Action (COMOIRA) and the Integrated Framework (Woolfson, L., Stewart, A., Whaling, R. and Monsen, J. 2003, 2008)1. The programme holds that the psychologist is there to facilitate change rather than take responsibility for the problem and aims to give experience of applying the problem centred framework at a number of levels:

  • at the level of an individual (approached either through direct contact, or through parents, carers or teachers, or in groups).
  • at the level of parents, carers or teaching staff, for example in in-service training or advisory work
  • at the level of the organisation, such as whole schools or agencies
  • at the level of policy maker, in local authority services