DEP: 1.1 Core Purpose

A major tenet of the philosophy of the programme in Southampton is the integration of theory and practice within the twin frameworks of evidence-based, and evidence-generating practice. This approach requires the trainee both to select methods of intervention at all levels based on a critical evaluation of the published research on effectiveness of the approach (evidence-based) and to see practice as an important means of extending that knowledge base (evidence-generating).

The core purposes of the Programme are:

  • to train educational psychologists to work to the highest educational, professional and ethical standards of practice, enabling them to demonstrate the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards of proficiency (SOPs) and the BPS competencies (See Appendix 1).
  • to promote an inclusive approach to professional practice and encourage trainees to identify and build on the strengths children, young people , and those who work with them, bring to the consultation.
  • to equip trainees with the psychological and research skills needed to deliver a professional service and to contribute to the knowledge base of the profession.