DEP: 1.7 Libraries, Computing and Office Facilities

The University of Southampton Library

Trainees and Programme staff have access to the University of Southampton Libraries Services and Resources. The Library webpage ( allows users to search its catalogue (WebCat), recall and reserve books, renew items on loan and check their own borrower record. The Library makes available extensive electronic resources including Web of Science, Psyclit and several thousand electronic journal titles. The Library also provides access to material not held at Southampton by means of an inter-library loan service. Training in related library usage is provided in induction and at key points in the programme.

The Academic Unit Test Library

The Programme holds a number of developmental, educational and psychometric tests and intervention material which are available for trainee use under supervision on placement, or for research. Trainees can also expect to use resources available on placement  Further information about the Test Library can be obtained from the test library administrator Paul Reynolds (

Trainees can also expect to use resources available on placement.

Computing Facilities

As part of the Academic Unit, the programme staff and trainees have access to the University’s Information Support Service (ISS) and other relevant support. These include computing facilities (e-mail, word processing, access to literature search facilities and on-line journals, qualitative and quantitative data analysis packages). Further technical equipment (video recording and editing equipment, tape recorders, etc.) is available through the Academic Unit. Additionally, trainees can obtain licensed copies of word-processing, database, spreadsheet and data analysis software packages for installation on their own computers ( Several laptop computers are also available for use from Psychology.

Office Facilities

The Programme has use of a photocopier and fax machine housed within its Professional Training Unit. Trainee photocopying at the University is incorporated into the Programme budget and trainees are each given an individual code for use with the Programme photocopier.