DEP: 1.4 Staff Resources

The programme team consists of the following individuals:

Academic Support

Sarah Wright

Programme Director

Hanna Kovshoff

Research Director

Tim Cooke

Programme Tutor Year 1

Colin Woodcock

Programme Tutor Year 2

Brettany Hartwell

Programme Tutor Year 3

Cora Sargeant

Administrative Support

Angela Goodall

Programme Administrator

Field Tutors (Year 1 Placement)

Caoimhe Weeks

Field Tutor Hampshire

Rachel Pawsey

Field Tutor Hampshire

Jess Bradley

Field Tutor Hampshire

Emma Coleman

Field Tutor Portsmouth

Alex Boys

Field Tutor Southampton

Jo Goodman

Field Tutor Southampton

Ed Sayer

Field Tutor Southampton

A strong feature of the programme is the role of the field tutors. These are educational psychologists employed in the local authority hosting the placement learning of trainees in year 1 in one or two named schools, typically a primary and a secondary school. The Academic and Professional Tutors are typically seconded educational psychologists with designated academic responsibilities to the programme.

Considerable research support (eg. thesis supervision) is provided by the academic staff in the Psychology Department.