DEP: 2.1 Overview

The programme at Southampton is designed to enable trainees to work in partnership with a diverse population of children, young people, their families and services in a range of contexts and settings. Successful trainees will demonstrate the Standards of Proficiency (SOPs) as outlined by the HCPC

The research requirement of the programme is integrally linked to the placement and academic components and culminates in the preparation of a thesis that aims to address an issue relevant to the psychological development of children and young people in an educational psychology context. While access to participants are often derived from placements, supervision of the research thesis remains with the Psychology Department.

In accordance with the University’s Code of Practice for Research Candidature and Supervision, the taught element of the programme in Year 1 is assessed at Masters’ level.  All components of Year 2 and 3 are assessed at Doctoral level. The placement component of these years combines the learning requirements of the HCPC with the opportunity for trainees to demonstrate the advanced scholarship and reflection.