DEP: 2.4 Programme Structure and Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the standards of proficiency specified by the HCPC and the core competencies outlined by the BPS.The programme content is arranged overall in 19 modules which in total attract the 540 credit points required for Doctoral (D) level study in Higher Education (see Appendix 2.1). Each module has a separate credit rating which indicates the notional amount of study effort required through attendance at University teaching sessions, on related placement activity or in independent study. The level of assessment is indicated by M (Masters) or D (Doctoral), with D level implying that a higher level of original work, advanced scholarship, critical analysis and reflection will be expected. Doctoral trainees must demonstrate that they have acquired and understood the systematic knowledge base of the profession, and that they have developed relevant skills to carry out research which will generate relevant new knowledge.

The Programme is organised over three full time years and trainees are expected to complete all elements. There is no exit award. In terms of student effort the three years each anticipate an average of 180 credit points (1800 hours). Timetabling is designed to provide basic theoretical and practical knowledge in Year 1, required for the closely supervised practice in Year 2, which then leads to increasingly independent practice in Year 3. Each year the programme aims to provide a balance of theory and practice that is integrated in assignments and collaborative activity and consolidated by placements outside the University. Topics will be returned to at deeper levels across the three years.