DEP: 2.7 Research across the three years

Research is the basis for practice in Educational Psychology. Learning to select appropriately, judge critically and use relevant aspects of psychological research is an integral part of training and is one of the profession’s key strengths. The Southampton Programme was developed to provide trainees with the necessary research and other generic skills to allow them to read research reports with critical understanding and to conduct innovative research relevant to childcare, community and educational settings.

The objectives of the research training programme are to:

  • familiarise trainees with the research base of the profession
  • facilitate the development of skills of critical analysis of the research base
  • acquire competence in core aspects of research design and statistical analysis
  • enable trainees to independently develop, design and execute research in relevant settings
  • teach trainees skills to communicate research findings for different audiences (eg. presentations, writing papers, press releases).

In the first year core research skills are provided in conjunction with other postgraduate research trainees in the Academic Unit. Trainees are expected to use the skills they develop in all aspects of their training and related assessments across the three years.