DEP: 2.5 Vertical Curriculum Strands

Running across the teaching and learning over all three years are a number of core professional practice areas which are critical to professional development in this field. These are embedded core to our teaching and learning activities, congruent with the HCPC standards of proficiency (SOPs) and reflected in the learning objectives in the module descriptors click here

  • Ethical considerations
  • Multicultural, inclusion and diversity issues
  • Systematic and contextual issues such as political factors, LA factors, wider school factors
  • Community Practice: Principles and practice of inter-professional work and our role with stakeholders

A rolling programme of whole cohort days across the year address these core areas. This year we have days on 17th October 2019, 6th February 2020 and 14th May 2020. An additional day to be confirmed for the summer.