DEP: 3.15 Psychology Department Technical Support

Psychology Department Technical Support

There is a team who provide experimental, technical and web operation support directly to Psychology. The team augment the support provided centrally by other Professional Services such as iSolutions and the Library. Where necessary, they setup and run extra services which are needed specifically by Psychologists.

Your contact with the team will be through a variety of routes. You will meet the team when using facilities such as the teaching laboratory or i-Zone. Additionally, all teaching rooms within Psychology are equipped with data-projection and other multimedia equipment. The Academic Unit’s intranet plays an important part in keeping you up to date with developments within Psychology. Much of your taught material will be distributed through this medium.

To make the best use of innovative teaching technologies, the intranet links you directly to your personal ‘portal’ which is a configurable interface to all the Academic Unit and University information and systems that you will require during your stay with us. Depending on your personal research interests in your final year of study you may require software to be written, or an experiment generator configured, to enable you to collect and/or analyse data. This could be, for example, a game simulator which is driven by psychological principles, a web-based questionnaire, or a series of stimuli which are designed to evoke physiological responses to be recorded by other laboratory equipment.

Between them, the team have skills in:

  • web programming & design
  • software development
  • hardware maintenance
  • electronic design and construction
  • mechanical construction
  • systems engineering
  • digital media production

If you need help, the Academic Unit’s intranet is the first resource for answering frequently-asked-questions. It has a KnowledgeBase and a NewsFeed which between them can normally provide the answer to any problem which is affecting a large number of people. If the help you require cannot be found there, there is a Technical Help Point (ext 28528) which is staffed during teaching hours.

In the wider University you can expect:

  • Library facilities – and an early induction to the library and its facilities. A small subject specific library is also maintained within the Academic Unit
  • Blackboard, a web based medium accessible from all computer points on the campus and, by arrangement, from homes to support learning
  • Sports and recreational facilities that are open to all registered trainees