DEP: 3.3 Appraisal

The Programme has a formal system appraisal.

Interim appraisals are held in February for Year 1

Year 1      Trainee, Field Tutor and Year 1 APT

End of year appraisals are held in July for all years

Year 1      Trainee, Field Tutor and Year 1 APT
Year 2      Trainee, Year APT and Programme Director
Year 3      Trainee and Year APT or Programme Director

All aspects of the trainee’s progress are covered in the appraisal, including both academic and practical assignments and attendance. It is a programme requirement that satisfactory progress is made before progression to the next year. Supervisor input to these appraisals is in the form of the summative placement report. Prior to both appraisals, trainees are required to complete sections of an appraisal form (on Blackboard under General Information/Forms). Targets are aimed at helping trainees work towards achieving SOPs, and will build on strengths, as well as highlighting areas of development. These will be jointly discussed by all those present at the review. The targets set at the final appraisal in July in Year 1 and 2 will be reviewed at the 1st interim review in the following November.