DEP: 3.16 Health and Safety

The University guidelines should be noted. Staff and trainees have a duty to co-operate to enable the University to comply with the law and to ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone. They must consider health and safety in all of their activities and use the control measures identified by risk assessments. In particular, all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure personal health and safety, as well as that of others. During the course of their work, if any member of the University becomes aware of any hazard, or any situation arises for which they have not been trained, they should inform their manager or supervisor so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Trainees should ensure that they have followed the guidance provided by their placement local authority and health and safety guidance given by schools. Trainees have a duty to inform their placement provider of any health and safety issues of which they made need to be aware and for which a risk assessment may need to be undertaken.

NB: In particular, direct work with children and visits to clients’ homes, needs special attention, and the advice and guidance of local authorities should be sought during placement learning.

The Faculty’s Health and Safety Local Arrangements document can be found here: Local Health and Safety Arrangements.pdf

The University statement of Health and Safety Policy Statement and Management System which defines commitment, governance, responsibilities and management of health and safety is available here: Health and Safety Policy Statement

Trainees are responsible for the safety of all equipment bought to the University. In particular all electrical items, eg. computers, laptops, mobile phone chargers etc. must be safe to use in the UK. Electrical equipment should be checked regularly for any obvious sign of damage, and not used it if it is damaged. Obvious examples of damage are cracked cases/plug tops and cuts to electrical leads. If further advice on the safety of equipment is needed, please contact your tutor or supervisor, or Faculty Safety Officer, in the first instance.