DEP: 3.10 Personal Support and Welfare

Support for Student Learning

In the Academic Unit support is provided by:

  • A Programme Director (Sarah Wright) who has the main responsibility for the coordination of learning and teaching and who retains an overview of all aspects of the programme
  • A Placement Co-ordinator (Colin Woodcock) who has responsibility for local authority placements
  • Professional and Academic Tutors (seconded from Local Authorities) who take responsibility for programme components and pastoral support work with nominated students
  • Field Tutors who provide modelling and feedback on early skills performance and initial casework, and review professional development in Years 1, 2 and 3
  • A member of the School staff who is designated as Research Director (Hanna Kovshoff) across all years of the programme, and additional members of the academic staff who support research (eg. Catherine Brignell)
  • Supervision Coordinators/Supervisors from local services to coordinate and provide support for all professional placement learning in Years 2 and 3
  • the Academic Unit’s learning and teaching resources, including access to photocopying, phone, computer, email and internet facilities