DEP: 3.5 Information Sharing

Where a personal tutor is aware that the trainee is experiencing personal factors that are having an impact on academic or placement activities, the personal tutor will strongly encourage the trainee to share this with other members of the staff team (e.g. APT, thesis supervisor) or, if the trainee is happy with this, will seek permission to share this at a team meeting on their behalf.

If the tutor has concerns about a trainee’s competency and is aware that this is influenced by personal factors that the trainee is experiencing, the tutor will first discuss these with the trainee and will strongly encourage the trainee to raise this with the wider staff team. In some circumstances, in particular those where the tutor is concerned for the trainee’s safety or wellbeing, or that of their service users, the tutor will choose to pass on such concerns even if the trainee would rather keep these private. The tutor will aim to tell the trainee that they have done so.