DEP: 3.12 Using Social Media


The popularity of social media has grown rapidly in recent years. There is widespread use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter amongst trainee educational psychologists and there are a growing number of well-established blogs and internet forums that are aimed specifically at professional psychologists, such as EPNET. Educational Psychologists also increasingly make use of internet based professional networking media such as Linkedin.

While many educational psychologists use social media without encountering any difficulties, there is the possibility that individuals may unknowingly expose themselves to risk in the way they are using ‘web 2.0’ applications and uploading personal material onto the internet.

Although professional psychologists should be free to take advantage of the many personal and professional benefits that social media can offer, it is important that they are aware of the potential risks involved. Please see additional guidance in Appendix 3.8. This guidance provides practical and ethical advice on the different issues that educational psychologists may encounter when using social media.