RMP: Achieving a Coherent Programme

We achieve a coherent programme by teaching all modules in an integrated manner. The Programme Director and staff team meet regularly to review and improve the programme. You will have considerable personal contact with staff teaching on the programme and they will provide guidance and formative feedback on your assessed work. The programme is also designed to maximize peer collaboration and support through small group work, seminars, and presentations. Your integration into the Academic Unit of Psychology and the local academic community will be promoted throughout the programme.

You are encouraged to use your work on preceding modules of the programme as preparation for your MSc Dissertation (PSYC 6022), although replication of work will not be permitted for any assessed work on the MSc (see the Programme Director if you have questions about what constitutes replication). You should aim to submit your research and ethics proposals for your dissertation by the start of the second semester, and make all necessary preparations for data collection in that semester (e.g., programming experiments, preparing equipment or questionnaires, gaining access to research participants). You can start collecting data for your dissertation as soon as you receive ethical approval. You then finalize your data collection, analysis, and write-up individually during the final three months of the programme. You are supported by progress reports on which the dissertation supervisor comments, and face-to-face supervision sessions on average at least twice a month. You are encouraged to meet frequently with your supervisor to discuss your work and general progress. These meetings continue over the summer months. If a supervisor is absent from the University for over three weeks, alternative supervisory arrangements are made. The supervisor comments in detail on a draft of your dissertation before submission.

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