Non-Psychology, International, and Joint-Honours students


Many students who are not Single-Honours Psychology students take some psychology units. These include (i) Non-Psychology students from another Academic Unit at the University of Southampton; (ii) International students, such as European students visiting as part of the ERASMUS programme; and (iii) Joint-Honours students (e.g., with Education or Criminology).

What Modules Can I Take?

If you are a Joint-Honours student, please refer to your own primary Academic Unit to find out what Psychology modules are compulsory for you to take and/or option modules for you to take.

If you are a Non-Psychology student from another Academic Unit OR you are an International student then please refer to the following pages to discover what units you are eligible to take: Year One, Year Two and Year Three. On these pages:

  • the symbol * indicates modules available to local Non-Psychology students;
  • the symbols † indicates modules available to International students.

These pages also direct you towards a brief description of the Psychology module that you are interested in studying, and its assessment notes.


It is very important that you familiarise yourself with the information contained within this section of the handbook.


[Note: If you are a BSc Psychology student who is interested in the Erasmus Exchange programme, please click here.]

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