Student Representatives (2016-2017)

Each year has a number of student representatives, selected by the students themselves.

Academic Representatives are there for you. They are there to listen and to relay any concerns and issues to staff and represent you to the University. Reps often get involved in wider projects with both the Union and the University, including helping promote surveys like the NSS. Organised, trained and supported by the Students’ Union, in partnership with the University, academic reps are the voice of every Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught student.

The below course reps are the direct representatives of students for Psychology and are there to take your ideas and concerns to the Staff Student Liaison Committee. They report up to the Academic President. Course Reps are responsible for feeding back to the student body and acting as that liaison between students and staff. 

Academic President

Name: Elliscia McKeogh


Elliscia can be contacted at

Up to date information about your representatives can be found via


Year One Representatives

Name: Mina Erten


Mina can be contacted at

Name: Anya Butler


Anya can be contacted at


Year Two Representatives

Name: Laura Smith


Laura can be contacted at

Name: Niamh Wood



Niamh can be contacted at


Year Three Representatives

Name: Jan Feeley


Jan can be contacted at 

Name: Josie Israel-Governale


Josie can be contacted at

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