Missing a Compulsory Session

To avoid penalties for failing to attend compulsory sessions on time, you can request permission to be absent from compulsory sessions.

Here is the procedure you should follow…

  1. First, you should inform both your Module Lead and your Personal Academic Tutor in writing (for example, in the same email) of your request for an absence from a compulsory session. You should preferably do so before the compulsory session, or as soon as possible afterwards.
  2. You will need to complete a Psychology Compulsory Session Absence Form.
  3. You should submit the form to your Student Office.

If you cannot for some valid reason promptly submit the relevant form to the Student Office yourself, then please notify your Student Office (Email: psyc-studentoffice@soton.ac.uk), your module instructor, and your Personal Academic Tutor in writing (for example, in the same email). Alternatively, arrange to have someone else either contact these parties or submit the form on your behalf.

Documentation to support the reasons given for absence from a compulsory session can also be attached with the form, or be pending. You should meet to discuss the circumstances with a qualified member of staff, usually your Personal Academic Tutor or the Director of Student Support in Psychology, who should also sign the form.

Only a limited number of absences from compulsory sessions can be requested without your fitness to study undergoing review, and the possibility of voluntary or involuntary degree suspension or termination being considered. Other action may also be taken by the University in accordance with its Regulations. A guideline here would be:

  • No more than three requests for absences from a compulsory session for the same reason, and no more than six for any reason, in the same year.

If you are experiencing issues that are affecting your studies, please see the Pastoral and Academic Student Support Section or contact Psychology Student Support at psy-support-ug@soton.ac.uk.

Examples of circumstances which may be accepted can be found here. If unsure about the validity of a reason for getting an absence from a compulsory session, you should ask your Personal Academic Tutor for clarification, or failing that, Dr Claire Hart (Email: c.m.hart@soton.ac.uk), the Director of Undergraduate Programmes in Psychology.

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