Your Personal Academic Tutor

Your Personal Academic Tutor is your first point of contact for your academic and personal enquiries and concerns. You should contact them about any academic or personal issues that arise during your three years at the University and for information about study support. Your Personal Academic Tutor will be able to help you with any enquiries and/or concerns you have, and will be able to point you in the right direction if more help is required. For example, you could contact your Personal Academic Tutor with any enquiries or concerns regarding:

  • How you are progressing, or have progressed, over an academic year, and any concerns about your progression
  • Student Support at the University of Southampton
  • Difficulties you are experiencing that are may be affecting your studies
  • How you attain further support in your studies
  • Coursework or Examination regulations
  • Other University regulations
  • Choosing the right modules for you
  • Your career prospects and options, and continuing education to a Postgraduate level.

During your Year One Induction Week, you are assigned a Personal Academic Tutor in the Psychology Academic Unit. Your Personal Academic Tutor will be a member of Academic Staff in the Academic Unit who is associated with your PSYC1005 Thinking Psychologically module. The Semester One module offers you a weekly forum and session within which you can develop and maintain contact with your Personal Academic Tutor and a small number of fellow students, obtain help and advice, and develop an active approach to learning, both as an individual and as a member of a group. You are more than welcome to arrange individual, one-to-one appointments with your Personal Academic Tutor outside of these contact hours.

Your Year One Personal Academic Tutor will carry on into your second year of study. Three appointments are arranged over the course of Year Two, and you have the opportunity to arrange appointments outside of these hours if you would like to.

In Year Three, you will have a lot of contact with your Empirical Project Supervisor. Because of this, your Project Supervisor will adopt the role of your Personal Academic Tutor.



Your Personal Academic Tutor is on standby to offer you a helping hand during your three years of study. If something is causing you concern, it is worth speaking to your personal tutor about it as soon as possible, however trivial you think it is.

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