Induction for Year One Undergraduates

The Psychology Department provides a comprehensive and exciting Induction to the new students. It takes place during three days of Freshers’ Week.

It involves both presentations to the entire Year and interactive group-based sessions centred around smaller groups of students.

  1. Day 1 kicks off with an introduction to the Academic Unit from the Head of the Department, Director of Student Support, and other key contacts in Psychology. This is followed by an overview of arrangements for forthcoming Induction events. Next, a catered lunch at Garden Court is provided, during which students are able to meet and chat with their Personal Academic Tutor and other members of  staff.
  2. On Day 2, all students take part in a range of group-based activities designed to provide a relaxed yet informative introduction to key aspects of studying psychology at Southampton.
  3. On Day 3, representatives from various organisations within the University present an overview of the pastoral and academic services available to all students.

The three-day Induction to the Psychology Department is designed to provide a friendly yet focused context, within which students can:

  • Meet and interact with their fellow students;
  • Develop relations with their Personal Academic Tutor and fellow tutor group members;
  • Take the first step towards establishing their identity both as a member of the Psychology AU and as a student at the University of Southampton.

Year One Induction Slides (2016/17)

Please click below to download a copy of the PowerPoint slides for the Year One Induction (2016/2017):

1 Induction Year 1 Student Support 1516
2 Induction Year 1 PSYC1005 Induction Events 1516
3 Induction Year 1 Library 1516
4 Induction Year 1 Health and Safety 1516
5 Induction Year 1 Student Enrichment 1516
6 Induction Year 1 Year Reps and PsychoSoc 1516

Please click below to download a copy of the PowerPoint slides from the eSystems Workshop (2016/17):

eSystems Workshop 1516

iSolutions Student Guide to eAssignment

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