Year Two

In the second year, you will cover material in-depth from key areas of psychology: Neuropsychology; Cognitive Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Social and Personality Psychology; and Individual Differences. Both research methods and practical tuition will be extended in preparation for the final year project.



The combination of basic skills learning, knowledge acquisition, and practical experience continues to build across Year Two. 

The Year Two practical course (PSYC 2020) extends the Year One practical course. Data analysis and research design in Year Two (PSYC 2019) stems from and builds on topics covered in Year One to provide an integrative base for conducting more advanced individual research in Year Three. In addition, topics covered in the lecture units (PSYC 2003, PSYC 2006, PSYC 2005, PSYC 2007, PSYC 2018, and PSYC 2021) in Year Two build on those more briefly described in two introductory courses taught in Year One.

Together, Year One and Year Two provide an excellent basis from which you can make informed choices between more flexible pathways in Year Three, and should enable to you carry out high quality work.

Units taught in Year Two also interrelate. For example, the methods and analysis course (PSYC 2019) is complemented by the practical unit (PSYC 2020). Both method courses also draw on the material covered in each of the lecture courses (PSYC 2003, PSYC 2006, PSYC 2005, PSYC 2007, PSYC 2018, and PSYC 2021), which are nonetheless designed as standalone learning opportunities which will broaden your range of psychological knowledge.

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