Year Two Modules

In Year Two, you take EIGHT modules – four in Semester One and four in Semester Two. Each module is worth 15 credits (or CATS points**). ALL of these modules are defined as “CORE”. This means that you MUST take all of them individually, and you must pass (that is, get at least 40% in) all of them individually, in order to progress to Year Three. In each Semester, three of the modules will be lecture-based, and one will be practical.

It is important to note that the marks you obtain in Year Two DO COUNT towards your degree. Your aggregate Year Two mark contributes towards one-third of your degree (with Year Three marks accounting for the remaining two-thirds). For further details on how marks in Year Two and Year Three are combined, and how your degree classification is awarded, please click here.


Please click on the ‘Module Names’ listed below for an outline of the module(s) and assessment procedures. Specific details will be provided by individual Module Coordinators in Module Handbooks or handouts.


Semester One

Module Code           Module Type          Module Name

PSYC2003                 Core*†                      Social Psychology

PSYC2019                 Core                          Research Methods & Data Analysis 3

PSYC2021                 Core*†                      Language and Memory


Semester Two

Module Code           Module Type          Module Name

PSYC2006                 Core*†                      Behavioural Neuroscience

PSYC2005                 Core*†                      Individual Differences: Personality and Intelligence

PSYC2018                 Core*†                      Perception

PSYC2020                 Core                          Empirical Studies 2

PSYC2007                 Core*†                      Developmental Psychology


** Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) suggests that a 15 credit course equates to 150 study hours (including both contact time and self-study). If you are an Erasmus student, please click here for information on European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) points and CATS points.

* Available to University of Southampton students outside the Academic Unit of Psychology.

† Available to Erasmus students.


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