The University of Southampton

Overview of your eFolio department admin page

If you are identified as an Academic Unit (AU) administrator in eFolio you will see an additional link below the main menu called ‘eFolio Admin’.

Clicking this will give you access to your AU admin page and contains the following tabs:

  • Overview (useful links and documents)
  • News
  • Student Search
  • Modules
  • Handbooks
  • Admin Staff
  • Your Voice

Overview tab

Each AU can give a useful links to students in that department, as well as useful documents. These links are seen by ALL students and ALL staff within that AU on each page, beneath the main menu.

Examples of when this can be useful include:

  1. Giving exam feedback for students
  2. Linking to external accrediting bodies (e.g. APA ) or additional information

News tab

You can use the eFolio news to target user groups in your AU. For example news can be targeted at 1st year undergraduates, postgraduates, or just the staff. This can be useful for delivering information outside of module groups, but relevent for an entire cohort.

News appears at the top of the home pagewhen students and staff login.

Student Search tab

This tab allows administrators to search for and view key information about ANY student at the University. This includes:

  • Student mugshot
  • Contact details
  • Tutor information
  • Modules and grades
  • Assignments and marks

Handbooks tab

This tab allows you to create handbooks that can be accessed by students in your AU. This uses wordpress, and more information about handbooks can be found here:

To create a handbook simply click on the ‘Create handbook’ link and give it a name. This will then create the handbook in wordpress and enrol all admin staff as editors.

This link will also then appear in the students ‘My Handbooks’ page.

Admin staff tab

Use this tab to add or remove any additional administrators for this AU.

Please note that staff have access to ALL student information and so access should only be given to trusted individuals.

Your Voice tab

Use this tab to enable or disable the ‘Your Voice’ feature for your academic unit.

Your Voice is disabled by default. To enable it click the link ‘Enable your voice’ and identify members of staff who should receive the email. If no email addresses are given students are not shown the Your Voice icon link.