The University of Southampton

Skills and Competencies

eFolio features a skills and competencies tool which allows students to record their competency (or simply if they’ve done something or not) for a set of skills or requirements.

The competency scale can be customised for each list and examples are shown below:

  • 1 – 5 grading
  • Not competent / some experience / full competent (used in medicine)
  • Have not yet completed / have completed

Students ‘self rate’ their ability and then add supporting document in the form of attachments (documents, images, text, blog posts) to prove their competency level.

Student skills and competencies are accessible by the following people:

  • Student tutors
  • Academics that teach on an module that student is enrolled on
  • Admin staff

Other things to note

  • Skills and competencies are not associated with a module, so you can have a set of skills for an entire year group, or for all students on a particular┬ádiscipline┬áthat tracks their overall competence as they progress from year to year
  • Reports are broken down into year group allowing you to filter students based on how ‘complete’ their skills should by the end of each academic year
  • You can tie competencies into the ‘Achievements’ e.g. If they have achieved competency in a certain set of skills, they could receive notification of a ‘badge’. See the ‘Achievements’ section for more information about this.

Further help with skills and competencies