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FAQs for Medical Students

As a medical students you will be using eFolio as a reflective journal, as well as keeping a record of competencies for skills you acquire during your time at University.

Before you graduate it is a legal requirement that you provide documented evidence that you are competent in each of 32 practical procedures skills.

Skills Resources for medical students

There are a number of clinical skills resources on the UHS web site below. They are mainly powerpoints but you may find them useful.

Click here to access the UHS website

Resources for your reflective journal

If you are using your eFolio journal for reflection, you might like to try using the ‘SOAP’ template; it can help to order your thoughts and pull out all of the learning from a clinical experience.

You can also use it as a basis for discussion with peers, your personal tutor or in the Professionalism tutorials in the 2nd and 4th semesters of the BM5 course.

Click here to view the SOAP_Framework 2013

Additional FAQs for Medical Students